Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to make Iphone Apps

Have you ever wanted to make your own iPhone Apps to make money or share a great idea?

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Learn To Develop iPhone Apps

Download This Ebook To Learn How To Develop iPhone Apps

Last Year I Started A Journey Into the iPhone Development World
I can still remember refreshing the live blog on Gizmodo because I was trying to listen to Steve Jobs talk about the iPhone while I was supposed to be working. The announcement about the App Store struck me like lighting because I could immediately see that it was going to be B.I.G.. Plus - ANYONE COULD DO THIS!

I thought that $99, a MacBook and seat at Starbucks was all I needed!

It turns out that I was wrong about that... Learning how to make iPhone apps turned out to take a lot more effort than I anticipated. The truth is that it was hard to learn - even though I've learned other programming languages before.

It took months of study and finally a trip to Apple itself for me to learn everything I needed to know

After all was said and done I estimate that I spent $20,000 to become an expert on how to make iPhone apps.

It was worth it!
I recouped my investment before the app store was even a month old with my original Wine Pad app. Suddenly, I was getting email from people around the world who wanted to talk to me about app ideas. Wine Pad appeared on blogs and review sites and I released two more apps before the summer was over.

Later that year, I quit my day job completely to start my own lifestyle business - App Shop, LLC. Now I spend the days coding iPhone apps at home and sometimes at the local coffee shop. At one point I had nine apps in the app store and that is how I support myself.

I can make it EASY for you to do the same thing!
Now that I have gotten to this point I know what needs to be done to really get iPhone development. It is not pouring over the thousands of blog entries or even trolling through poorly commented source code. These things will show you the pieces, but they will not show you how to put them together.

The first thing you need to know is how to program with the C and the Objective-C programming languages. You will also need to know how to use Cocoa-Touch.

Other books will give you this information, but not specifically for the iPhone. And you would have to buy a separate book for each technology! What? It is much better to learn these technologies all at once in context of the iPhone.

You will also need to understand the patterns real iPhone apps follow, but you must understand them in terms of code - not with high minded prose or computer science jargon.

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The iPhone App gold rush is on with new apps being added to the app store every day.

If you come up with a great idea and turn it into an app you can make alot of money, just ask the guy who made more than 2 million in the last year with the iphone app he developed.